KACE Environmental, Inc. is a North Carolina Corporation which currently operates and maintains water/wastewater systems in both of the Carolinas ranging from the very smallest and up to 2 mgd. We have employees who hold the highest operating licenses obtainable.


The owners have over 55 years experience collectively in the industry and started the company in April, 2003, with the goal to provide our customers with professional, dependable and courteous service.


Through the years, KACE Environmental has developed business partnerships with a number of professionals in the industry. These partnerships allow us to offer services in the many facets of the water/wastewater industry including but not limited to, engineering, laboratory, construction and repairs. This benefits our customers by eliminating the communication and accountability problems of multiple vendors or sources. We are able to manage the supply chain for optimum value and support from manufacturers and suppliers. We pride ourselves in a complete commitment to quality.


KACE Environmental will work diligently to see that your project is completed on schedule. We will work with your staff on site to insure that you receive the service and products that meet your unique needs.